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Detector Tube Technology

Detector Tube Technology

Chemical detector tubes from different manufacturers work on the same principle and they use similar or same sensing chemicals for detecting the target gas concentration. However the physical dimensions of the tubes and the pump design-draw the required 100 ml of sample air varies from manufacturer-manufacturer.

With our newly introduced KwikDraw Tubes based on MSA Detector Tubes Technology which we acquired recently and Uniphos Detector Tubes which we already have since 1996, we have detector tubes matching tubes from any manufacturers across the world.

Uniphos Gas Detector Tube

More than 200 different UNIPHOS Gas Detection Tubes are available-accurately make spot measurements for over 500 gases and vapours.

The short-term UNIPHOS Gas Detection Tubes are used with the ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump.

Gas detector tubes provide a simple measurement technique-detect toxic gas concentration in air samples. The tubes are pre-calibrated and take only a few minutes-complete sampling. The concentration is read directly from the length of color stain.

  • Highly specific-target gas
  • Simple device
  • No requirement of complicated accessories
  • No requirement of specialist-operate
  • It is pre-calibrated and reads directly the target gas concentration
  • Available for most of the industrial toxic gases and chemical vapours

It is useful for the air monitoring at work place & confined space in Industries like:

  • Petrochemical & Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical & Fertilizer
  • Fumigation
  • Food Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Mills Industries
  • Power & Steel Plants
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Environmental monitoring agencies and many more

Specific gas detector tubes by gas name:

PN = Part Number | SMR = Standard Measuring Range | SPEC = Datasheet

Gas Name PN SMR Spec
Nitrogen Dioxide & Nitric Oxide SNDNO-4L 2.5-200 PPM  
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Acetic Acid SAA-2 2.5-50 PPM CF000001
Acetone SAC-5 50-4000 PPM CF000002
Acetylene SAL-5 100-5000 PPM CF000003
Acetaldehyde SAT-4M 10-300 PPM CF000621
Acid Gases SAG-2 2-40 PPM 1-80 PPM CF000680
Acrolien SAE-4 10-800 PPM CF000745
Acrylonitrile (DB) SAN-4L 5-120 PPM CF000004 |
Amines SMA-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000668
Ammonia SAM-2 2.5-50 PPM 1.25-100 PPM CF000005
Ammonia SAM-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000006
Ammonia SAM-4M 10-300 PPM 5-600 PPM CF000007
Ammonia SAM-4 50-1000 PPM 25-2000 PPM CF000008
Ammonia SAM-5 250-5000 PPM 125-10000 PPM CF000009
Ammonia SAM-8M 0.5-10% 0.25-20% CF000010
Ammonia SAM-9 1-30% 0.5-60% CF000011
Aniline SAI-2 2-30 PPM CF000013
Arsine SAR-2 1-30 PPM 0.5-60 PPM CF000014
Aviation Oil SAO-4 0.1-5 MG/L CF000015
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Benzene (DB) SBE-2L 0.25-12 PPM CF000016
Benzene (DB) SBE-2M 0.2-15 PPM 0.1-75 PPM CF000832
Benzene SBE-2 2.5-50 PPM 1.25-100 PPM CF000017
Benzene SBE-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000018
Bromine SBR-2M 1-20 PPM CF000019
Bromine SBR-3 5-100 PPM CF000020
n-Butane SBT-5M 50-1400 PPM CF000627
1-Butanol SNB-4L 10-150 PPM 10-300 PPM CF000612
2-Butanol SIB-4L 10-150 PPM CF000557
1,3-Butadiene SBU-2M 1-20 PPM CF000021
1,3-Butadiene SBU-3 5-100 PPM CF000022
n-Butyl Amine SMA-3 5-100 PPM CF000668
Butyl Acetate SBA-6 0.005-1% CF000023
Butyl Acrylate SBC-3L 5-60PPM CF000024
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Carbon Dioxide SCD-5 300-5000 PPM 150-10000 PPM CF000025
Carbon Dioxide SCD-5.1 0.03-0.5 % 0.015-1 % CF000026
Carbon Dioxide SCD-5.2 100-5000 PPM 50-10000 CF000773
Carbon Dioxide SCD-7 0.25-3% 0.125-6 % CF000027
Carbon Dioxide SCD-8M 0.5-10% 0.25-20 % CF000028
Carbon Dioxide SCD-8 1-20% 0.5-40 % CF000029
Carbon Dioxide SCD-10 5-60% 2.5-60 % CF000030
Carbon Disuphide (DB) SCS-2 2.5-50 PPM 1.25-100 PPM CF000032 |
Carbon Disuphide (DB) SCS-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000033 |
Carbon Disuphide (DB) SCS-5M 50-1600 PPM CF000034 |
Carbon Monoxide SCO-2 1-30 PPM CF000753
CO in CO2 CCCO-2 1-50 PPM - CF000939
Carbon Monoxide SCO-3 5-100 PPM CF000035
Carbon Monoxide in H2 SCH-3 5-100 PPM CF000036
Carbon Monoxide SCO-4M 25-600 PPM 12.5-1200 PPM CF000037
Carbon Monoxide SCO-4 50-1000 PPM 10-2000 PPM CF000038
Carbon Monoxide SCO-5 100-3000 PPM 50-6000 PPM CF000039
Carbon Monoxide in H2 SCH-5 100-3000 PPM CF000642
Carbon Monoxide SCO-6M 0.01-0.7% 0.005-1.4% CF000040
Carbon Monoxide SCO-8L 0.1-7% CF000750
Carbon Monoxide SCO-8 1-20% 0.5-20% CF000042
Carbon Tetra Chloride (DB) SCT-3L 1-60 PPM CF000043 |
Carbonyl Sulphide (DB) SCU-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000044 |
Chlorine SCL-1M 0.25-5 PPM 0.25-10 PPM CF000045
Chlorine SCL-2 2.5-50 PPM 1.25-100 PPM CF000046
Chlorine SCL-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000047
Chlorine SCL-4M 50-500 PPM 25-1000 PPM CF000048
Chlorine Dioxide SCI-1M 0.1-5 PPM 0.25-10 PPM CF000706
Chlorine Dioxide SCI-5 100-4000 PPM 50-8000 PPM CF000796
Chlorobenzene SCB-4L 10-200 PPM 5-400 PPM CF000049
Chloroform (DB) SCF-3 10-100 PPM CF000790 |
Cyclohexane SCY-5L 10-1200 PPM CF000050
Cyclohexane SCY-6L 0.025-0.6% CF000051
Cyclohexanone SCN-3 2-100 PPM CF000052
Cyclohexylamine SCA-2 0.5-30 PPM CF000656
Chloropicrin (DB) SCP-2M 0.1-16 PPM CF000718 |
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
D.M.F. (DB) SMF-2 2-30 PPM CF000053 |
1, 4 Dioxane SEO-7 0.07-4% CF000624
Diesel SDL-4 0.1-5 MG/L CF000054
Diethyl Amine SDA-2M 1-20 PPM 1-40 PPM CF000055
Diethyl Ether SDE-6 0.04-1% CF000056
1,2 Dichloro Benzene SDB-4M 10-300 PPM CF000709
1,2 Dichloro Ethane SDC-2 1-50 PPM CF000817 |
1,2 Dichloroethylene SDH-4M 20-400 PPM 10-800 PPM CF000742 |
Ethyl Acetate SEA-7 0.1-5% CF000063
Ethylamine (Amine Tube) SMA-3 4.25-85 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000668
Ethyl Benzene SEB-4L 5-150 PPM 2.5-300 PPM CF000057
Ethyl Benzene SEB-4M 30-40 PPM CF000058
Ethyl Formate SEF-4M 20-500 PPM CF000630
Ethylene Dibromide (DB) SED-2 1-50 PPM 0.5-100 PPM CF000688 |
Ethylene Glycol SEG-2 10-100 mg/m3 CF000757 |
Ethylene Oxide (DB) SEO-1 0.1-10 PPM CF000776 |
Ethylene Oxide (DB) SEO-3 1-100 PPM CF000748 |
Ethylene Oxide SEO-7 0.05-3% 0.025-6.0% CF000624
Ethyl Mercaptan SEM-2M 1-20 PPM 0.5-40 PPM CF000820
Ethyl Mercaptan SEM-4L 5-120 PPM 2.5-240 PPM CF000060
Ethyl Mercaptan SEM-4M 25-500 PPM 12.5-500 PPM CF000061
Ethyl Mercaptan in LPG SEM-(3M) 2-80 PPM CF000784
Ethanol SET-5 100-5000 PPM CF000901
Ethanol SET-7 0.05-5% CF000062
Ethanol Amine SMA-3 4.45-89 PPM CF000668
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Formaldehyde SFO-1M 0.1-5 PPM CF000735
Formaldehyde SFO-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000065
Formic Acid SFA-2M 1-15 PPM CF000066
Furan SFU-6 0.01-1% CF000665
Furfural SFL-2M 1-16 PPM CF000067
Gasoline SGA-6L 0.03-0.6% CF000636
General Hydrocarbons SHE-5L 10-1200 PPM CF000068
General Hydrocarbons SHE-6L 0.025-0.6% CF000069
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
n-Heptane (Gen. Hydro. Tube) SHE-5L 15-1800 PPM CF000068  
n-Heptane (Gen. Hydro. Tube) SHE-6L 0.05-1.41% CF000069  
n-Hexane SHE-5L 10-1200 PPM CF000108
n-Hexane SHE-6L 0.025-0.6% CF000109
Hydrazine SHY-1L 0.1-2 PPM CF000070
Hydrogen SHD-6M 0.05-0.8% CF000659
Hydrogen SHD-7 0.2-3% CF000929  
Hydrogen Chloride SHC-1 0.5-10 PPM 0.25-75 PPM CF000071
Hydrogen Chloride (DB) SHC-2M 2-20 PPM 1-40 PPM CF000072
Hydrogen Chloride (DB) SHC-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000073
Hydrogen Chloride SHC-4 50-1000 PPM 25-2000 PPM CF000074
Hydrogen Chloride SHC-5 100-5000 PPM 50-5000 PPM CF000962  
Hydrogen Cyanide SHN-2 2.5-50 PPM 1.25-100 CF000075
Hydrogen Cyanide SHN-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000076
Hydrogen Cyanide SHN-4 50-1000 PPM CF000077
Hydrogen Fluoride SHF-2 0.5-30 PPM 0.5-60 PPM CF000078
Hydrogen Peroxide SHP-1 0.5-10 PPM   CF000926 
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-1 0.5-10 PPM CF000079
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-1H 0.5-7 PPM 0.25-14 PPM CF000727
Hydrogen Sulfide in NG SHS-(1H) 0.5-7 PPM 0.25-14 PPM CF000758
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-2 1-30 PPM 0.5-60 PPM CF000080
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-3L 2.5-60 PPM 1.25-120 PPM CF000081
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000082
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-4L 10-250 PPM 5-500 PPM CF000647
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-4 50-800 PPM 25-1600 PPM CF000085
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-5M 100-2000 PPM 50-4000 PPM CF000086
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-7M 0.1-2% 0.05-4 % CF000087
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-7 0.5-4% 0.25-8 % CF000088
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-8L 0.2-7% 0.1-14 % CF000089
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-8M 0.5-10% 0.25-20 % CF000090
Hydrogen Sulfide SHS-9 2-40% 1-40 % CF000091
SO2 + H2S (DB) SHS-3L + SSD-1 2.5-60 + 0.5-10 PPM CF000092 |
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol SIP-7M 0.1-2.5% CF000093
Isopropyl Amine SIA-2 2.5-50 PPM CF000094
Isopropyl Ethear SDE-6 0.013-0.34% CF000095
Maleic Anhydride SAA-2 1-20 PPM CF000096
Methylene Chloride (DB) SMC-3L 10-60 PPM CF000793 |
Methylene Chloride (DB) SMC-4M 50-500 PPM CF000639 |
Methylene Chloride (DB) SMC-4 30-1000 PPM CF000762 |
Methyl Cyclohexane SMY-5M 50-1600 PPM CF000782
Mercury Vapor SHG-1L 0.1-2 mg/m3 0.1-7 mg/m3 CF000097
Methanol SME-5 100-5000 PPM CF000098
Methanol SME-8L 0.05-6% 0.05-12% CF000099
Methyl Amine SMA-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000668
Methyl Bromide SMB-2M 1-18 PPM 0.5-36 PPM CF000100 |
Methyl Bromide SMB-3 10-100 PPM 5-200 PPM CF000101 |
Methyl Bromide SMB-4M 20-300 PPM 10-600 PPM CF000102 |
Methyl Bromide SMB-4 50-1000 PPM 25-2000 PPM CF000103 |
Methyl Iodide SMO-7M 500-15000 PPM CF000779
Methyl Ethyl Ketone SMK-6L 0.02-0.6 % CF000104
Methyl Mercaptan SMM-2M 1-20 PPM 0.5-40 PPM CF000105
Methyl Mercaptan SMM-4L 5-120 PPM 2.5-240 PPM CF000106
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone(MIBK) SMI-6L 0.02-0.6% CF000107
Morpholine SMA-3 10-200 PPM CF000668
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
LPG SLP-5 100-5000PPM CF000937
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Nitric Acid SNA-2M 1-20 PPM CF000110
Nitrogen Dioxide SND-2 0.5-30 PPM CF000111
Nitrogen Dioxide in CO2 CCND-1H 0.1-6 PPM CF000946
Nitrogen Dioxide SND-4 10-1000 PPM CF000112
Nitrogen Oxides SNO-2M 0.5-15 PPM CF000113
Nitrogen Oxides SNO-2 1-30 PPM CF000826
Nitrogen Oxides SNO-4L 10-250 PPM 5-250 PPM CF000662
Nitrogen Oxides SNO-5M 100-2500 PPM CF000114
Nitrogen Dioxide & Nitric Oxide SNDNO-4L 2.5-200 PPM CF000908
O-Cresol SCR-2M 1-25 PPM 0.5-50 PPM CF000633
Octane SOC-5 3-23 MG/L CF000115
Oxygen SOX-9M 3-24% CF000116
Ozone SOZ-3 5-100 PPM 1.25-200 PPM CF000117
Ozone SOZ-3 5-100 PPM CF000822
Ozone SOZ-4M 25-500 PPM 12.5-1000 PPM CF000118
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
n-Pentane (Gen. Hydro. Tube) SHE-5L 7-840 PPM CF000068
n-Pentane (Gen. Hydro. Tube) SHE-6L 0.0085-0.2% CF000069
Phenol SPE-2M 1-25 PPM 0.5-50 PPM CF000119
Phosgene SPG-1 0.1-10 PPM 0.1-20 PPM CF000120
Phosphine SPH-1L 0.05-2.5 PPM 0.05-5 PPM CF000123
Phosphine SPH-1M 0.3-5 PPM CF000124
Phosphine SPH-1 0.1-10 PPM 0.05-20 PPM CF000125
Phosphine SPH-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000126
Phosphine SPH-4 50-1000 PPM 25-2000 PPM CF000127
Phosphine SPH-5 150-3000 PPM 75-3000 PPM CF000128
Phosphine SPH-6M 300-8000 PPM 150-8000 PPM CF000738
Pyridine SPY-2M 1-14 PPM CF000766
RRA-DB RRA-5012 Qualitative -- CF000805  
Stoddard Solvent SSS-5M 50-8000 mg/m3 CF000129
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-1 0.5-10 PPM 0.25-20 PPM CF000130
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-2M 1-25 PPM 0.5-50 PPM CF000131
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000132
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-4M 20-300 PPM 10-600 PPM CF000133
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-5 0.02-0.3% CF000135
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-6M 500-8000 PPM 250-16000 PPM CF000134
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-7M 0.1-3% 0.05-6% CF000136
Sulfur Dioxide SSD-7 0.25-5% 0.125-10% CF000137
Sulfuric Acid SSA-1L 0.5-5 mg/m3 CF000700
Styrene SST-4L 2.5-500 PPM 2.2-500 PPM CF000787
Gas Name Tube Code Range Extended Range Spec Uniphos Part No. SDS
Tert Butyl Mercaptan SBM-1M 0.5-15 mg/m3 CF000694
Tert Butyl Mercaptan SBM-1 0.5-30 mg/m3 CF000138
Tert Butyl Mercaptan SBM-1 0.13-8 PPM CF000823
Tert Butyl Mercaptan SBM-4L 5-120 PPM 2.5-240 PPM CF000139
Tert Butyl Methyl Ether STB-3 5-100 PPM 2.5-200 PPM CF000971
Tetra Chloro Ethylene (DB) STE-3 5-100 PPM CF000685
Tetra Hydro Furan STH-4 50-800 PPM CF000140
Toluene STO-2 2-50 PPM CF000141
Toluene STO-4M 10-300 PPM 5-600 PPM CF000142
1,1,1-Trichloroethane STC-4M 100-500 PPM CF000813 |
Trichloroethylene (DB) SCE-2M 1-16 PPM 0.5-32 PPM CF000671
Trichloroethylene (DB) SCE-4L 20-250 PPM CF000143
Trichloroethylene (DB) SCE-6 0.05-1% CF000144
Triethyl Amine SMA-3 2.15-43 PPM CF000668
Triethyl Amine SMA-3 1.7-34 PPM CF000668
UDMH SHY-1L 0.1-2 PPM CF000724
Vinyl Chloride SVC-2M 1-20 PPM CF000650
Vinyl Chloride SVC-6 0.05-1% CF000691
Water Vapor SWA-5 0.1-2 MG/L CF000145
Water Vapor SWA-7M 1-18 MG/L CF000146
Water Vapor SWA-7 1-30 MG/L CF000147
Water Vapor SWA-4L 2-10 LB/MMCF 1-20 LB/MMCF CF000712
Water Vapor SWA-4 6-40 lb/MMCF 3-80 LB/MMCF CF000715
Water Vapor SWA-7M/lb 62.5-1125 LB/MMCF CF000882
Water Vapor SWA-7/lb 62.5-1875 LB/MMCF CF000884
Xylenes SXY-4 25-1000 PPM 25-2000 PPM CF000148
Hand Pumps & Accessories PN
Plastic Pump ASP-11P
Air Sampling Pump Trade ASP-40T
GREASE for ASP Series Hand Pump GREASE
Stainless steel gas sampling bulb w/ 1/4″ male pipe thread BULBSS
Gas Name Tube Code Range Uniphos Part No. SSD
Ammonia Dosimeter LAM-2 25-500 PPMHR CF000012
Carbon Dioxide LCD-2 (5-120) x 10^3 PPM HR CF000031
Oxygen Dosimeter LOX-1 (1-100 ) x 150 PPM HR CF000645
Phos.Dosimeter-LPG-1 LPG-1 (1-200)X10^3 PPM HR CF000121
Phos.Dosimeter-LPG-2 LPG-2 (1-200)X10^2 PPM HR CF000122
Gas Name Tube Code Range Uniphos Part No. SDS
Sulphide Ion DSU-2M 0.5-20 PPM CF000149
Sulphide Ion DSU-3 1-100 PPM CF000150
Sulphide Ion DSU-4M 2-300 PPM CF000151
Chloride Ion DCL-4L 5-200 PPM CF000152
Chloride Ion DCL-5M 10-2000 PPM CF000153
Chromium(VI) Ion DCR-2 1-50 mg/l CF000919
Chloride Ion DCY-2 0.5-50 PPM CF000890
Chloride Ion DCY-4M 50-500 PPM CF000893
Description Tube Code No. Uniphos Part No. SDS
SMOKE TUBES (Air flow indicator tubes) Box of 10 tubes SMT-1 CF000732
SMOKE TUBES (Air flow indicator tubes) Box of 12 tubes SMT-12 CF000885
GAS NAME Tube Code Range Uniphos Part No. SDS
Arsine STR-ARS 0.05-3 PPM CF000155
Hydrogen Cyanide STR-HCN 1-20 PPM CF000156
Hydrogen Sulphide STR-H2S 1-20 PPM CF000157
Mercaptan STR-MER 0.5-10 PPM CF000158
Phosphine STR-PH3 0.3-10 PPM CF000159
Size Range Tube Code No. Uniphos Part No. SDS
Standard 50/100 mg LCT-100 CF000162
Large 200/400 mg LCT-400 CF000163
Jumbo 200/800 mg LCT-800 CF000164
Size Range Tube Code No. Uniphos Part No. SDS
Standard 50/100 mg LCT-101 CF000614
Large 200/400 mg LCT-401 CF000616
Jumbo 200/800 mg LCT-801 CF000618
Jumbo 200/1800 mg LCT-1801  
Name Tube Code No. Range Uniphos Part No.
Plastic Pump ASP-11 100 cc CF000161
Model ASP-40 ASP-40 100 cc CF000769
Name Tube Code No. Uniphos Part No. SDS
PID Pre Filter Tube for Butadiene PBU-1 CF000904
URPID Pre-Filter Tube Benzene 0.05 PBE-1 CF000896
VOC Zeroing tube VOC-1 CF000898
URPID Pre-Filter Tube Benzene 0.05 PBE-6 CF000913
Name Tube Code No. Range Uniphos Part No.
CO in CO2 matrix CCCO-2 1-50 PPM CF000939
NO2 in CO2 martix CCND-1H 0.1-6 PPM CF000946

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