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Our Organization

UEPL has the following important Divisions / Sections

  • Chemical Detector Division (100 % EOU)
  • Electronic Division
  • Sensor Division
  • New Instrument / Technology Development Division
  • Hardware & Software Section
  • Analytical Section
  • Quality Control Section
  • Marketing & Business Development Division and
  • Finance, Accounts & Administration

Chemical Detector Division

Starting as an R & D effort to develop detector tubes, detector strips and dosimeter tubes for phosphine the Division has grown over the years and has developed detector tubes for more than 120 different toxic gases and chemical vapors. The Division has also developed other type of chemical detectors like charcoal tubes, dissolved ion detector tubes, air flow indicator tubes, etc. The air sampling pump to be used with detector tubes is also developed in the Division. It has an on-going R & D program for development of new chemical detectors needed by the chemical industry.

The production wing of this Division has state of the art production facilities to produce detector tubes and other chemical detectors marketed by UEPL. The Uniphos detector tubes are sold all over the world and are well accepted by the industry for their precision, accuracy, quality and price.

With the latest acquisition of Colorimetric Tube Business from MSA, Berlin, Germany, the detector tube division is now a 100% EOU unit manufacturing both Uniphos Tubes and MSA tubes under the new brand name KwikDraw Tubes.

Electronics Division

Electronic Division having the state of the art production facilities produces a wide range of electronic instruments. They include personal and portable monitors, fixed systems with smart gas sensors, UV/IR based fire detectors, breath alcohol analyzers, the full range of fumigation monitoring equipments, instruments for oil quality parameters, Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) for stack gases, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS), Online COD, TOC and Cyanide Analyzers etc.

R&D, Software & Hardware Section

The R & D and software / hardware section of the Electric Division focuses on development of new circuits, PCB designs and also improvement of the existing circuits. It is also involved in development of user friendly software for different products and development of GUI for all Uniphos gas monitors/analyzers. The ongoing development program in this Division aims at producing miniaturized personal and portable monitors, multi gas monitors, etc. Design and development of new enclosures to improve the product quality and cosmetic look is part of the running program of this Division.

Analytical Section

The Analytical Section of UEPL is equipped with several GCs, Spectrophotometers and other analytical and gas generation facilities, for providing analytical and calibration service to different divisions of UEPL. It also develops new analytical procedures / methods.

Sensor Division

Sensor being the heart of all electronic gas detection instruments. UEPL initiated a program of sensor development as early as 1996. Over the years we developed Pellistors for flammable gases and Electrochemical Sensors for many of the toxic gases like CO, H2S, Cl2, NO2, etc. This activity has grown into a separate division where we produce electrochemical sensors, Pellistors and TCD’s meeting our own demand for sensors. We have an ongoing program on development of new sensors. All our electrochemical and flammable gas sensors are drop-in substitutes for commercially available sensors in the market.

Marketing & Business Development Division

UEPL has a strong marketing and business development team consisting of highly qualified and trained Engineers / MBAs for marketing our products and growing our business both in the domestic and in the international market. We have several distributors in India and in other countries including USA, Europe, etc.

New Instrument / Technology Development Division

Having developed various types of gas detection instruments using electrochemical and other sensors a new Division was formed for the development of other variety of instruments using various other techniques for environmental monitoring and other analytical applications.

Some of the instruments developed in this Division for waste water analysis are COD monitors, online TOC analyzers, online residual chlorine analyzers, online cyanide analyzers, water quality meters and chlorine demand analyzers.

Chemiluminescence based NOx analyzer and Optical Fluorescence based SO2 analyzer are developed for parts per billion level detection of NOx & SO2 in ambient air. The above mentioned techniques are endowed with high specificity and sensitivity. The same technology has been extended for stack gas analysis.

Non Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy offers an alternative method for the detection of many of the toxic gases in the stack or atmosphere using infrared spectrum as the finger print of the target gas. NDIR based gas analyzers have been developed for NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, MBR, etc. A portable impinger based air sampler and a portable non-dispersive spectrometer was developed for the measurement of Time Weighted Average concentrations of pollutants like SO2, NOx, Cl2, NH3 and O3 at PPB level in ambient air. This handy instrument is useful for ambient air quality monitoring application.

Several non-dispersive spectrometers for the measurement of edible oil quality parameters like FFA & PV were developed. The division has an on-going program on development of stack gas analyzers, stack dust analyzer, headspace O2 & CO2 analyzer and other sensitive spectroscopic instruments using different light sources including lasers.