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Uniphos Online COD Analyzer

COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is the amount of external oxygen required to oxidize all organic matter present in sample water. It is a measure of the quality of water and expressed in terms of mg of Oxygen consumed per liter of sample water (mg/L). The COD analysis using Potassium dichromate as oxidizer is one of the direct methods for COD measurement of organic matter in water.

COD Limits are set by competent authorities for various effluents permissible for accepting them in Effluent Treatment Plants or for releasing them to the environment. Uniphos Online COD Analyzer is based on the use of Potassium Dichromate as oxidizer. The sampling process and measurement are automated to minimize human intervention. Online COD Analyzer comes with precision syringe drive system,a tiny digestion unit, air pump and blower. It is a PLC based fully automatic system with user friendly touch screen interface.


COD analysis based on sample oxidation using potassium dichromate

Measures the chemical oxygen demand by measuring the absorbance of Cr+3 generated

Ten times reduction in chemicals used as compared to traditional method

Ten times reduction in cost of analysis

Fully automated instrument with precision syringe drive system

Programmed automatic calibration facility

Can be co-related to BOD value. (Optional)

Data communication compatible with required SPCB/CPCB norms

Application Areas:

  • Municipal water
  • Industrial process water
  • Waste / Effluent water
  • Ground /Surface water