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Detector Tube Technology

Detector Tube Technology

Chemical detector tubes from different manufacturers work on the same principle and they use similar or same sensing chemicals for detecting the target gas concentration. However the physical dimensions of the tubes and the pump design to draw the required 100 ml of sample air varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

With our newly introduced KwikDraw Tubes based on MSA Detector Tubes Technology which we acquired recently and Uniphos Detector Tubes which we already have since 1996, we have detector tubes matching tubes from any manufacturers across the world.

KwikDraw Tubes

The combination of KWIK-DRAW™ detector tubes and pumps offers a quick yet precise measuring system to detect hazardous gases and vapours. The filling material in detector tubes is calibrated and adjusted to the required test gas and will change colour if this gas is present. The length of this discoloration indicates the concentration of the hazardous gas or vapour and can be measured by a printed scale on most of the tubes.

Specific gas detector tubes by gas name:

PN = Part Number | SMR = Standard Measuring Range | SPEC = Datasheet | MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet

Gas Name PN SMR Spec MSDS
Acetaldehyde D5086813 5-50 ppm
Acetic Acid D5086821 1-80 ppm
Acetylene D5085822 400-8300 ppm
Acetone D5086829 100-10000 ppm
Acetone D5086837 25-3500 ppm
Acrolein 10017882 0.1-10 ppm
Acrylonitrile 10016376 0.5-30 ppm
Alcohols D5086818 100-6000 ppm
Amines D5086816 5-30 ppm
Ammonia D5085845 2-600 ppm
Ammonia D5085814 20-1000 ppm
Ammonia D5086859 100-2000 ppm
Ammonia D5085815 0.1-10 % ppm
Ammonia D5085755 -
Ammonia D5085914 20-1000 ppm
Ammonia D5086816 0.25-3 ppm
Arsine 10072098 0.05-1 ppm
Gas Name PN SMR
Benzene D5086852 0.25-10 ppm
Benzene D5086835 1-25 ppm
Benzene D5085816 5-100 ppm
Benzene D5086811 5-500 ppm
Benzene D5085770 -
Bromine D5085801 0.2-3 ppm
Bromobenzene D5086811 30-720 ppm
Bromoethane D5086834 15-400 ppm
Bromomethane D5086845 2-100 ppm
Bromomethane D5086847 200-8000 ppm
Bromomethane D5086834 20-270 ppm
Bromopropane,1- D5086834 3.5-740 ppm
Butadiene,1.3- D5086833 100-1200 ppm
Butane D5086831 200-3800 ppm
Butyl Alcohol D5085773 -
Butyl Alcohol D5086818 150-2900 ppm
Butyl Amine D5086816 3-36 ppm
Butyl Mercaptan D5086815 1.5-15 ppm
Butene D5085769 -
Butene D5086833 100-5000 ppm
Gas Name PN SMR
Carbon Dioxide D5086814 100-3000 ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5085817 0.1-7 % ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5085917 0.1-7.0 % ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5086844 0.5-10 % ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5085941 1-20 % ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5085841 1-20 % ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5085848 100-2000 ppm
Carbon Dioxide D5085758 -
Carbon Disulfide D5085834 2-300 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085836 5-1000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085936 5-1000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085821 10-3000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085921 10-3000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085920 0.001-0.3 % ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085820 0.001-0.3 % ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085822 0.1-1.0 % ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5086839 3000-70000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085835 0.3-7 % ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085847 5-70 ppm
Carbon Monoxide D5085759 -
Carbon Monoxide D5086810 ppm
Chlorine D5085801 0.2-30 ppm
Chlorine D5086812 1-46 ppm
Chlorine D5086855 50-500 ppm
Chlorine D5085757 -
Chlorine Dioxide D5086812 0.05-15 ppm
Chlorobenzene D5086811 40-610 ppm
Chlorobenzene D5093811 10-140 ppm
Chlorobenzene D5085771 -
Chlorobromomethane D5086834 5-180 ppm
Chlorobutane D5086834 5-170 ppm
Chloroethane D5086834 50-800 ppm
Chloropentane D5086834 5-550 ppm
Chloropropane D5086834 5-220 ppm
Cycloheptane D5086832 80-3300 ppm
Cyclohexane D5085769 -
Cyclohexane D5086832 20-3400 ppm
Cyclohexyl Amine D5086816 7-38 ppm
Cyclooctane D5086832 20-2100 ppm
Cyclopentane D5086832 80-2700 ppm
Gas Name PN SMR
Decane D5086832 50-500 ppm
Dibromoethane D5086834 25-700 ppm
Dichloroethane D5086834 8-300 ppm
Dichloroethane D5085771 -
Dichloroethylene D5086834 10-600 ppm
Dichloromethane D5085823 50-1000 ppm
Dichloromethane D5085772 -
Dichloropropane D5086834 5-440 ppm
Diethyl Amine D5086816 3-27 ppm
Dimethyl Amine D5086816 3-27 ppm
Dimethylbutane D5086832 100-4900 ppm
Dimethyl Hydrazine D5086861 0.05-1.1 ppm
Ethyl Acetate 10024253 200-3000 ppm
Ethyl Alcohol D5085773 -
Ethyl Alcohol D5086818 100-6000 ppm
Ethyl Amine D5086816 4-55 ppm
Ethyl Benzene D5085770 -
Ethyl Benzene D5085828 5-1800 ppm
Ethyl Mercapton D5086815 0.5-80 ppm
Ethylene D5086833 25-5000 ppm
Ethylene D5085769 -
Ethylene Diamine D5086816 5-27 ppm
Extraction Gasolines D5085807 qualitative ppm
Formaldehyde D5086813 0.04-55 ppm
Formaldehyde D7086862 0.1-2.5 ppm ppm
Formic Acid D5086821 2-160 ppm
Furfuryl Alcohol D5086838 170-1500 ppm
Gas Name PN SMR
Gasoline D5085898 30-6000 ppm
Gasoline D7086865 100-3000 mg/m3 ppm
Gasoline D5085807 -
Gasoline D5086769 -
Heptane D5086832 20-2600 ppm
Heptane D5085769 -
Hexane D5085807 -
Hexane D5086832 20-3200 ppm
Hexane D5085769 -
Hydrogen Chloride D5085846 1-50 ppm
Hydrogen Chloride D5086858 50-5000 ppm
Hydrogen Chloride D5085762 -
Hydrogen Chloride D5085946 1-50 ppm
Hydrazine D5086861 0.05-10 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide D5085824 2-50 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide D5085756 -
Hydrogen Flouride D5086830 1-50 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 10023818 0.1-6 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D5085826 1-200 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D5085926 1-200 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D5085827 100-4000 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D5085927 100-4000 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D5086857 0.1-4% ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D7000003 0.2-7% ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D7000903 0.2-7% ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D7086866 2-40% ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide D5085764 -
Gas Name PN SMR
Isobutane D5086831 200-4200 ppm
Isobutyl Amine D5086816 3-36 ppm
Isobutylene D5086832 400-2600 ppm
Isobutyl Methyl Ketone D5086837 50-400 ppm
Isooctane D5086832 100-3000 ppm
Isopropyl Amine D5086816 5-30 ppm
Isopropyl Mercapton D5086815 0.5-5.5 ppm
Kerosine D5085807 -
Kerosine D5085810 qualitative ppm
Ketones D5085810 qualitative ppm
Light Fuels D5085807 -
Ligroin D5085898 30-6000 ppm
Ligroin D5085810 qualitative ppm
Ligroin D5085807 -
Liquid Petroleum Gas D5086831 200-4000 ppm
Liquid Petroleum Gas D5085810 qualitative ppm
Mercaptans D5086815 0.5-100 ppm
Mercury D5085843 0.1-0.8 mg/m3 ppm
Methane D5086846 -
Methyl Alcohol D5086818 100-2350 ppm
Methyl Alcohol D5094818 100-2500 ppm
Methyl Alcohol D5085773 -
Methyl Amine D5086816 4-55 ppm
Methyl Bromide D5086845 2-100 ppm
Methyl Bromide D5086847 200-8000 ppm
Methyl Butane D5086832 50-3000 ppm
Methyl Cyclohexane D5086832 80-4900 ppm
Methyl Cyclopentane D5086832 150-3700 ppm
Methyl Ethyl Ketone D5086837 50-4000 ppm
Methyl Hydrazine D5086861 0.2 - 4 ppm
Methyl Mercapton D5086815 0.5-5 ppm
Methyl Methacrylate 10017882 1.5-115 ppm
Methyl Pentane D5086832 150-4500 ppm
Mineralic Oil[Compressor Oil] 10040887 -
Multigas D7094870 Color Marks ppm
Multigas D7094871 Color Marks ppm
Gas Name PN SMR
Natural Gas D5086846 -
Nitrogen Dioxide D5085805 0.5-50 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide D5085867 2-140 ppm
Nitrous Fumes D5085818 0.5-50 ppm
Nitrous Fumes D5085844 2-140 ppm
Nitrous Fumes D5085808 10-300 ppm
Nitrous Fumes D5085809 50-3000 ppm
Nitrous Fumes D5085760 -
Nitrous Fumes D5085818 0.5-50 ppm
Nitrous Fumes D5086850 0.2 - 6 ppm
NO2+NO D7086863 2.5
200 ppm
Nonane D5086832 50-2800 ppm
Nonane D5085769 -
Octane D5086832 50-3000 ppm
Octane D5085769 -
Other Organic Compounds D5085810 qualitative ppm
Ozone D5086828 0.05-5 ppm
Oxygen D7086864 3 - 24% ppm
Pentachlorethane D5086834 10-300 ppm
Pentane D5086832 50-3900 ppm
Pentane D5085769 -
Petroleum Distillates D5085898 30-6000 ppm
Petroleum Distillates D5085810 qualitative ppm
Petroleum Distillates D5085807 -
Petroleum Ether D5085807 -
Phenol D5086838 1-25 ppm
Phosgene D5085854 0.1-20 ppm
Phosgene D5085761 -
Phosphine D5085829 0.05-3.0 ppm
Phosphine D5085830 0.1-100 ppm
Phosphine D5085930 0.1-100 ppm
Phosphine D5085831 50-2000 ppm
Phosphine D5085931 50-2000 ppm
Propane D5086831 200-4000 ppm
Propyl Alcohol D5086818 200-5000 ppm
Propyl Alcohol D5085773 -
Propyl Amine D5086816 5-30 ppm
Propyl Mercaptan D5086815 0.7-8 ppm
Propylene D5086833 20-5000 ppm
Propylene D5085769 -
Gas Name PN SMR
Styrene D5086819 10-300 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide D5085803 0.5-30 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide D5085813 5 - 200 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide D5085825 100-4000 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide D5085763 -
Sulfuryl Flouride D5085838 0.1-15 ppm
Tetrabromoethane D5086834 5-200 ppm
Tetrachloroethane D5086834 50-1000 ppm
Tetrachloroethylene D5085865 5-200 ppm
Tetrachloroethylene D5085840 10-500 ppm
Tetrachloroethylene D5085771 -
Tetrahydrofuran D5086818 30-980 ppm
Tetrahydrothiophene D5085866 1-10 ppm ppm
Toluene D5085828 5-1000 ppm
Toluene D5086811 30-750 ppm
Toluene D5085770 -
Tribromomethane D5086834 7-200 ppm
Trichloroethane D5086834 5-1500 ppm
Trichloroethane D5094834 ppm
Trichloroethylene D5085842 5-250 ppm
Trichloroethylene D5085771 -
Trichloromethane D5086834 8-100 ppm
Trichloropropane D5086834 10-1200 ppm
Triethyl Amine D5086816 5-30 ppm
Trimethyl Amine D5086816 5-30 ppm
Trimethyl Pentane D5086832 100-3000 ppm
Vinyl Chloride D5085837 1-70 ppm
Vinyl Chloride D5085771 -
Water Vapour D5085849 5-160 mg/m3 ppm
Water Vapour D5085851 10-200 ppm
Water Vapour D5086851 100-1000 ppm
Water Vapour D5086849 10-100 % r.h. ppm
Xylene D5086811 50-630 ppm
Xylene D5085828 5-2500 ppm
Xylene D5085770 -
Description Part No.
Air Tester HP D3188702
Air Tester HP D5185710
Action kit [Gas-Tester II H] D5146803
SF6 Sampling Kit D5185700
Description Part No.
Gas-Tester II H D5146760
Sampling line [4 m] D5146705
Sampling line [15 m] 10015366
Description Part No.
Kwik-Draw Deluxe detector tube pump D5146762
Kwik-Draw Trade Out Pump  
Description Part No.
Gas-Tester D5140904
Description Part No.
ST Smoke tube, Pkg. of 10 D5019701
Smoke Generator D5019702
ST Ventilation Smoke Tube, Pkg. of 10 D5019704
ST Smoke Catridge, Pkg. of 10 D6009000
ST Smoke tube n. corrosive, Pkg. of 12 D5019708
ST Smoke tube n. corros./ 6 pcs. + pump D5019709
Aspirator bulb D5019710
Bulb for smoke generator tubes D5019903
Description Part No.
DT Set "Action Set" 10013397
DT Action Detector Tubes Assortment 1 D5085752
DT Action Detector Tubes Assortment 2 D5085753
DT NH3-A, Pkg of 10 D5085755
DT HCN-A, Pkg of 10 D5085756
DT Cl2-A, Pkg of 10 D5085757
DT CO2-A, Pkg of 10 D5085758
DT CO-A, Pkg of 10 D5085759
DT Nitr.-A, Pack of 10 D5085760
DT Phosgene-A, Pkg of 10 D5085761
DT HCl-A, Pkg of 10 D5085762
DT SO2-A, Pkg of 10 D5085763
DT H2S-A, Pkg of 10 D5085764
DT Gasoline-A, Pkg of 10 D5085769
DT Aromatics-A, Pkg of 10 D5085770
DT CKW-A, Pkg of 10 D5085771
DT Dichloromethane-A, Pack of 10 D5085772
DT Alcohols-A, Pkg of 10 D5085773
Hand Pumps & Accessories PN SPEC
Gas-Tester II H bellows pump D5146760
Pump, Kwik-Draw, Deluxe, with end-of-stroke indicator, remote sampling adapter and carrying pouch 487500
Tube, Detector, Airqualkit, Pump, Tube, Case 710981
Handbook, Detector Tube 813929
Tube holder 463801
Special oriface assembly for CO-10/Color 497652
O-Ring, Neoprene, 3/32ID, 7/32OD, 1/16T 64437
Stainless steel gas sampling bulb w/ 1/4″ male pipe thread BULBSS

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