Dr. R. C. Naik

Chairman & Technical Director

Dr. Naik has over 58 years of research experience. For over 33 years he was in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Government of India, heading a solid state spectroscopy group. His expertise and experience includes Laser excited and X-ray excited optical fluorescence spectroscopy and spectroscopic instrumentation. Was responsible for building a totally automated computer controlled, scanning spectrometer with the drive system for SEPIL (Selective Excitation of Probe Ion Luminescence) studies at liquid helium temperatures for ultra trace analysis of rare-earth compounds. Has worked for two years at Institute of Nuclear Physics (IPN) Orsay, France as a visiting professor.

Joined UPL Ltd in the year 1992 and made a proposal to indigenously develop phosphine detection devices required by the company. Since then he has been responsible for implementing the program by setting up the laboratory, research facilities and hiring and training the technical man power. Under his technical inputs and guidance the lab has grown over the years into one of the best R & D and instrument production facility with a wide range of products. The diverse research programs he initiated and guided includes development of sensors, water and oil quality instruments, Chemiluminescence and fluorescence based instruments for gas analysis and non-dispersive spectroscopic instruments for analytical applications.

Since the formation of UEPL in the year 2010, he has been the chairman and technical director of the company responsible for its overall operations.

He has written-up over 100 research papers and articles; holds jointly many patents and joint winner of the Technology Day Invention Award 2001 from DSIR and WIPO international award for the best research of the year 2002 from World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland.